Why We Are

The Rick Kemp Foundation shares a poignant story on why we, the Orban Foundation for Veterans, strive to further our mission.

Dear Board Members/Family/Friends-

Just a couple of quick updates: (1) Our Foundation is preparing to send out a letter to supporters (businesses and individuals) seeking year end donations.  (2) In early September our Foundation received a call from a homeless veteran in need of assistance. After an in depth conversation it was clear his needs where both complex and vast; quite frankly, beyond our ability to meet. So, we promised we’d make some calls to try and get him the help he needed. In a nutshell, our referral base paid off and thank God for Mike Orban! Without hesitation, as soon as he heard about the situation, he reached out to his colleagues at the VA. Consequently, we were able to act as a communicative liaison between the veteran and Mike’s team. Within a two month span the veteran went from homeless to hospitalized; his eligible benefits were put into effect, and then, upon discharge he went to transitional housing where he’d await a permanent home! Our Foundation is grateful to have helped this veteran, even though monetary aid wasn’t given, we were able to walk with him and support him to ensure a successful outcome! 

May God’s blessings be upon our veterans and those whom tirelessly serve them, like Mike Orban, to ensure assistance is available when needed!

With sincere gratitude.

Cindy Walden
Board of Directors
The Rick Kemp Foundation  – Veteran Scholarships