When Heroin and his “God-Box” Failed him Otis Chose to Confront Past Traumas

Otis arrived in Milwaukee “on a stick” and homeless . It had been over thirty years since Otis had accepted a mainline injection of heroin as payment fora debt owed him. people, places and things were hard to make sense of.
He had grown up as one of only eight African American families in rural Western Pennsylvania. His father was a hard working man who expected the same from his son after high school. Otis chose to enlist in the US Army, a decision his mother, who he loved dearly, did not approve.
On leaving military service Otis was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A life of Denial, isolation and coverup followed.
That payment of heroin and continued addiction would give relief from the voices in his head, but that heroin would become a bigger enemy than relief. Over 2 dozen attempts at required rehab along with incarceration followed before he realized only he could face his past traumas, understand and resolve them. Otis made the decision to seek help.
Otis entered treatment, a lifelong commitment to redemption.
Listen now to Otis share how this decision has taken him to a new recognition of the human spirit beyond his own. Through his work with Dryhootch Otis shares how he changed those values in his “God-box” and dedicates his life to improve the condition of the human spirit for all who are searching.
At the top of his list is his love for his two children and obligation to be ever present for them in understanding his journey.
For more information on Dryhootch please visit: https://www.dryhootch.org/

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