Veteran Knows Wounds of the Body and Spirit


Veteran Brian Eisch of Luxemburg, WI, spent 20 years in the Army. He was wounded during an ambush in Afghanistan, which resulted in the amputation of one of his legs. Eisch is the subject of a documentary movie, “Father Soldier Son,” which was filmed over a 10-year period. While he laments the loss of his leg, he tells people that his leg is nowhere near the greatest loss in his life — a reality that has him on a mission to help others understand perspective and to be kind.

1 comment on “Veteran Knows Wounds of the Body and Spirit

  1. Brian Lyga says:

    Thanks Scott and Brian! Scott told me about his podcasting so I thought I’d give it a listen. I’m glad I did, thanks.
    Although I’m not a big hugger, last night I tried it and gave a couple hugs to some fellow veterans. I’m still not sure if that’s what I needed, but I think it might have what the other vets needed. Thanks for the advice and I’ll try to continue. Brian, sorry for your loss. Sometimes I try to put myself in other people’s shoes to see if I can experience their pain, feeling or being, I’m sorry that I can’t do it on this one. Not even close. I do this to try and help people that I think need help. We’ve helped a homeless vet and are currently working with a vet with possible severe PTSD. Again, I can feel some of their misery, needs and wants, but can’t come close to what they have or are going through. However, I’ll keep trying, as this makes me a smarter, more experienced human. Again, thanks!

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