The War at Home with Kaitlin Miller

Kaitlin Miller lives in Saint Louis and is the daughter of former guest, marine recon, and Vietnam veteran, Dan Van Buskirk. Dan recounted his war experiences, his participation in Guitars for Vets, and his work with training service dogs for veterans. Kaitlin grew up in Alsey, Illinois and went to school in Saint Louis and has worked in several roles in the service industry. Today she works in accounting with some senior project management responsibilities at Gaus & Associates. Kaitlin has been married for eight years and has two young boys. She has a passion for helping veterans, animals, and people through her volunteer and non-profit skills.

Kaitlin joins me today to discuss how the war within the home of veterans affects family connections. She shares the challenges that she experienced after her father returned from Vietnam and highlights how helpful the support from the VA and other groups can be. We discuss why it is important to reflect and look inwards at how living with a veteran affects you and shares how she expressed many of her feelings through art. Kaitlin discusses the need for an online portal to connect the children of war veterans and how spirituality and a connection to nature have helped her.  


“The war can come home and doesn’t just stay there.” – Kaitlin Miller

This week on the Stigma Free Vet Zone Podcast:

  • The family challenges experienced by the children of Vietnam veterans
  • Kaitlin’s struggle to keep family connections alive and end the cycle of cutting contact when problems arise
  • Why it is vital not to pass judgment and be in tune with veteran parents
  • How Kaitlin felt proud of her father, even though there were hard and challenging times
  • How the stresses and experiences of war can affect a marriage
  • How Dan sought help through the VA and other groups and how it benefited their relationship
  • Why it is vital to focus on how things affect you as well as how war affects them
  • Why you should spend time looking back at how the ‘war within your house’ affected you
  • How Kaitlin has expressed her feelings through art
  • Moving forward and helping those around us
  • Why the children of veterans would benefit from having a platform to connect with others who went through similar experiences
  • Why spirituality and a connection to nature is a huge part of Kaitlin’s life

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