The Life of Hope | Deeatra Kajfosz

A childhood with many emotional and psychological challenges, Deeatra Kajfosz entered the military to find a place to live. At first, the Idaho National Guard offered her this safe home, but a move to Wisconsin, a change in military occupation and an introduction to a culture she was unfamiliar with unraveled her military experience.

Cycles of chronic major depression and anxiety and a near-fatal suicide attempt would follow and denial became her key to survival. She experienced suicide loss from a unique perspective and came to fully understand how little she knew about suicide. Kajfosz began a quest for answers. 

Now, Kajfosz dedicates her life to raising awareness, providing education and supporting others affected by suicide ideation, attempt and loss. It is through her own life journey her story connects with her audience in highly personal and inspiring ways. Hers is an extraordinary tribute to the gift of adversity, the power to rise above it, and the ability to share a life-saving message of hope with others.  

Deeatra Kajfosz is an award winning suicide awareness and prevention advocate, public speaker, and Founder of the LiFE OF HOPE organization, serving as a comprehensive approach to the prevention of suicide attempts and death.

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  1. Dr. Arthur E. Angove says: God continuously bless you dear Deeatra with a safe, healthful and wonderfully blessed Christmas ???? and a New Year free from anxiety, isolation; and a knowledge that you are loved and appreciated ???? Art. USAF.

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