The Haunting of Blind Kills with John Wesley Fisher Part 3

John Wesley Fisher is a Vietnam veteran, serving as an RTO during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968. He has since traveled the world on a healing journey visiting places such as Australia, New Zealand, and across the United States. John has returned to Vietnam on 14 occasions and has just released his latest book, DAK TO Rx: A Veteran Returns to the Land of His Nightmares. John is also the director of CORE (Community-Reconciliation Vietnam), an organization that arranges veterans’ trips to return to Vietnam in support of healing their souls.

John joins me today to discuss his experiences of returning to Vietnam for a solo trip, which forms the basis of his latest book. He shares the places he visited while hiking and backpacking with local guides and former Vietnamese soldiers and his companions’ stories and beliefs. He discusses the disconnect he felt from his soul following the war and how the Vietnamese people’s culture better prepares them to leave the war in the past and move on. John also discusses the healing he has found through spending time in nature and beneath the jungle canopy in Vietnam.

“We are not soulless, but we are estranged from our souls.” – John Wesley Fisher

This week on the Stigma Free Vet Zone Podcast:

  • Traveling along the Mekong Delta and hearing Vietnamese views of the American Soldier
  • Coming face-to-face with the skulls of blind kill victims in a Vietnamese memorial
  • Hiking and backpacking through the Jungle and visiting the villages of the Montagnards
  • The cultural mindset of the Montagnards and Vietnamese and why they don’t experience post-war trauma
  • Standing on the graves of villages destroyed by American helicopters
  • How the war and killing leaves you estranged from your own spirit, mind, and being
  • How John finds relief and heals his soul under the jungle canopy and escaping in nature
  • Why John starts his day with yoga and meditation
  • Taking steps to consider the health of your family and spouse
  • Finding peace through forgiveness and love

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