“Sober through the grace of incarceration”

October 2, 2019
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“Sober through the grace of incarceration”

I owe a gratitude of thanks to Mike and his foundation for helping me to prepare for my daughter’s release from prison.  With her serving time in Arizona State Prison and me living in Wisconsin, I was unsure how to navigate the Veteran’s services that were available to her and neither was she.  Through Mike’s dedication and resources he was able to lead me through a maze of legal hoops and decisions that seemed very overwhelming to me.  With only my love and perseverance I was determined to have some sort of “outreach” plan in place for my daughter upon her release.  Not only is she now felon, but she is also a drug addict who has been x and needed some sort of action plan in place for her success.  This was important to my daughter as well as me. With the help of the Phoenix Healthcare for Reentry Vets, a prison outreach service that assigned her a Vet Rep along with Peer Support people, they helped her not only get an apartment but made sure she got any medical attention that was long overdue. This would give any parent peace of mind. She is doing well and adjusting to a new life as a peer support and crisis counselor.  I told her that “if anyone could help others you can!”  She is able to make some connections that others may not be able to because of her experiences. I hope my story may give others a chance for hope when the odds may seem against you.

Sincerely, Vikki

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