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A Combat Infantry Officer and his wife who shares the experience

Upon graduation from college Allen was drafted into the US Army, and attended infantry basic and advanced training then on to OFFICER’S CANDIDATE SCHOLL at the Infantry School at Fort Banning,  GA.  His duty assignment includes Fort Jackson as a training officer and Fort Banning as a trainee in the Heavy Motor Platoon leader school.  Upon graduation Allen was assign to the Republic of Vietnam where He severed as a rifle platoon leader;commanding general’s briefing officer and an operations officer at the G5 Psyop.  I returned to the USAR and left after serving 8 addionall years leaving at the rank of Major.
While in training Allen married his high school sweetheart Linda who knows the military from the spouses experience. Together Allen and  Linda have two lovely children.
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Bodies, Bones and Biologics – Mark Foreman | Pt. III

n the finale of this three-part series, Mark Foreman reflects thirty years later. Now allergic to morphine, osteomyelitis has returned to Foreman’s hip. He has had three major surgeries, all performed without pain killers. The resulting agony caused Mark to desperately search for any instrument within reach to end his pain by ending his existence. That is until once more the power of love saves his life.

Bodies, Bones and Biologics – Mark Foreman | Pt. II

The pain of his wound — so severe — he wished only for another bullet to end his life.

In this episode, Mark Foreman’s greatest insight is recognizing his only success in life would come from taking responsibility for his actions and goals. No mental health professional, family member nor university — no one — but he would ever again build his vision of what his life is and his place in that life. This is profoundly courageous and significant thinking. When understood this is the most fulfilling path in life.