Podcast Outline

Stigma Free Vet Zone Podcast Program Outline

Mission: Visit every corner where the veteran or family members will hear our voices! deliver the experienced voices of veterans and family members in resolving the unexpected experiences of military life. From confrontations with suicide thinking, rage, isolation, loss of a sense of self identity and many other reactions we promote education , understanding, resolution and acceptance. We believe the mental health profession is responsible for creating and maintaining very damaging therapies and we want to be with the wave of demand for change

  1. Podcast format: Our Interviews with Veterans and Military Family members will specifically avoid wherever possible all stigmatizing and damaging terms such as PTSD, PTS that might in any way demean the honor and integrity of  Veterans, veteran family members or any other guests.
  2. Format will be casual discussion:
    • Veteran or guest will lead us though the following;
    • Their Life before entering the military;
    • Their Expectations on entering the military;
    • Actual Military Experience(s);
    • Expectations on leaving the military and returning to civilian life;
    • Actual experience(s) returning to civilian life and culture.
  3. Discuss their awareness of any stigmas, the effects of those stigmas positive or negative on their readjustment to civilian life:
    • Veteran or guest will discuss what, if given the opportunity;
    • What the would do differently in their transition from Military to Civilian life and culture.
  4. Veteran or guest opinion on the truth, perception, value, danger, harm given to and suffered by stigmas.
  5. Periodic monologues by the hosts on topics concerning the mission statement of the podcast.
  6. Interviews may be followed by a Mad Minute described here as a one-minute opinion by the host on a controversial issue or topic affecting Veterans or their families.