Podcast Team

Podcast Hosts

Michael Orban

Michael Orban served as an infantry soldier in Vietnam. He experienced many punishing physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural reactions when returning home. With a focus on the veteran and military family he is dedicated to improving transition from military to civilian life through education while working to disarm stigmas that might endanger that transition.  Read more about Mike on Who We Are.

Kari Wheaton

Kari Wheaton is the producer and sound engineer for the Stigma Free Podcast. Kari graduated from Ripon College in 2004  with a BA in Art and English and also has a Masters in English from Northwestern.

Kari has worked for many non-profits throughout her career, but working with veterans and their stories are very dear to her heart as she comes from a military family with two Uncles serving in Vietnam and another in Desert Storm plus a Grandfather who was a Carlson Raider in WWII.

Technology and media have always been a passion of hers, but most importantly she is a devoted mom to her young daughter.