Souled Out

I was leaving the insanity of war and returning home to life as it had been before. This book is not about war, war only introduced me the  barbaric siege awaiting  the person I no longer knew, myself.

Experience with me the panic attacks, nightmares, rage, isolation, loss of interest in family and life, close friendship with thoughts of suicide and many more responses I was unable to resolve.

Escape deep onto the jungles of Africa, visit remote cultures who helped ignite  long forgotten beauty and love in a soul no longer familiar with nor trusting of such ideas.

Thirty years physically aging yet a with a mind stuck in that time at war.

From noble pygmies, Albert Schweitzer and the majestic beauty of all life in Africa, Read the document that saved my life and the powerful knowledge shared by an Aunt and Uncle and the man who brought back something long ago forgotten, laughter. Most importantly know there is hope, love and joy to be found.

Let Spirit Create Form! It’s all in these pages.

Michael Steven Orban
Infantry Soldier

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