Resolving his traumas provides todays healing for others | Victor Kilpatrick Jr.

Victor Kilpatrick was born in East Chicago Indiana. His parents were loving yet strict disciplined leaders providing good healthy structure. A good athlete his childhood was for the most part happy.

Victor chose to enlist in the U.S.Navy where he became the ships cook. While his time in service was educational and positive and he is one of few to earn the Enlisted  Service Warfare Pin. Victor was not aware how a harsh, sometimes angry  demeanor suitable for military life would return home to invade his civilian relationships.

Life after the military was different and transition to civilian life and culture had its struggles. His second marriage would coincide with his search for meaningful purpose. The resurfacing of childhood traumas would force him to face and resolve troubling traumas from his past .

All of these experiences would lead to his present passion working with veterans as a peer mentor. Victor is a Certified Peer Support Specialist for the state of Wisconsin and currently serves as the Project Coordinator for the R&R House the 1st Peer Run Respite for Veterans in the country.

“Assisting Veterans in anyway is my passion, and if I can use my lived experience to assist a veteran in their recovery, I’m happy to share it”.

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