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Crisis Intervention Training

Crisis Intervention Team is both a program and a training for law enforcement to guide interactions between law enforcement and military veterans experiencing any of the many common reactions to readjusting to civilian life and culture.

The CIT program is in collaboration with NAMI.

















MCW-led project to address opioid use disorder earns funding from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Academic and community partners from the Milwaukee PROMPT: Prevention of Opioid Misuse through Peer Training project discussed local efforts to promote veterans’ health on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) invited Dryhootch – a veteran serving organization founded in Milwaukee – and MCW to participate in a recorded video conference to discuss Milwaukee PROMPT’s efforts to address and prevent opioid use disorder. The Milwaukee PROMPT project uses a community engaged research (CEnR) framework which emphasizes community stakeholder input in all phases of the research project – from concept development to reporting of results. Community members’ voices will be especially highlighted during the video conference, with several military veterans participating on the panel.

“Military veterans’ perspectives are central to the community engaged research process.”

Medical College of Wisconsin Pathways

Service learning is a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and reflection

The purpose of our project is to create an outlet for OIF/OEF veterans to share their life stories and experiences and to give medical students an opportunity to work on interpersonal skills, empathy, and become comfortable working with the military population. OIF/OEF veterans will be teaching the medical students about the different issues and difficulties of treating veteran patients. OIF/OEF veterans and medical students will participate in joint group sessions led by Vietnam Veteran Warrior Elders that will focus on the topics of pre-military life, deployment, returning to civilian life, and the veterans’ visions of the future.

Project Developers, Students: Benjamin Carron, John Meyers, Monica Stout | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael McBride | Community Mentor: Michael Orban | Tip of the hat! Custom hats for Warrior Partnership students.