Our Mission

While considering the Veteran and Family to be the primary health care responsibility we strongly promote the importance of education to identify, understand, resolve and accept the many, some severe, responses to war and military life. We rely on the most valuable resource for this education, the voices of veterans and military families who have experienced and successfully accomplished this transition. While we do not replace other traditional resources for transition we are valuable in connection with those resources and often the important, trusted first step.

We are determined to be at the forefront with those who recognize the important need for change in the mental health system.  As Military Veterans and Military Families many of us have suffered and continue to suffer unnecessarily as a result of thoughtlessly named and maintained stigmas. Describing the condition of the human spirit through senseless acronyms such as PTSD have harmed more then helped. Measuring that spirit through lifeless, meaningless pie charts, graphs and percentages continues to stigmatize and cause unnecessary suffering. We prefer education, and you’ll find some here in our voices. Healthy transition to civilian life and culture, this is our passion!

Along with other projects the Front Line is our podcast and our in person crisis
response. Our Stigma Free Vet Zone Podcast reaches everywhere a Veteran or Family member may be and few other resources can. Meeting with individual veterans and military families we are able to provide them with a selection of resources.
Please visit our website we welcome and look forward to your feedback.

Our budget for 2020 and anticipated annual budget to successfully and professionally accomplish our project goals is $23,800.00. This of course will be public record
The Foundation is organized and operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and only for those purposes that qualify as exempt activities under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.