His dedication to fellow soldiers on the battlefields he provides for them in transition!

Peter Boruski was adopted into a loving family with a strong military history.

Honored by this history and influenced by it Peter enlisted in the U.S, Army at age 17, and began active duty just after turning 18. Peter had enlisted in the infantry and that is where he served on his tour in Afghanistan. Primarily walking Point and sweeping the roads ahead for deadly improvised explosive devices (IED) Peter had the responsibility to keep his platoon safe from these IED’s while on missions.

On six occasions Peter experienced IED explosions at very close range resulting in Traumatic
Brain Injuries (TBI) and other injuries earning him the Purple Heart. Devoted to the safety of his platoon Peter would find it difficult to leave Afghanistan at the end of his tour.
  Returning home life was not as it had been before the war. Old friendships were not the same, past interests no longer had appeal, relationships seemed impossible to establish.
Poor sleep became a problem soothed with alcohol and along with anger other reactions surfaced that stood in the way of happiness, peace of mind and soul.
  Aware he needed help to resolve these reactionsPeter took the initiative seeking out the
County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO). This would led to an introduction to a counselor, himself a veteran, at the Vets Center. This was life changing and started Peter on a road that now embraced hope and resolution. In time Peter would prepare himself to become a Peer Support Specialist and dedicate his life to providing hope and guidance for Veterans experiencing similar challenges in transition from military to civilian life and culture. Peter follows this passion today through Peer Support he provides at the NHAW R&R House in Pewaukee Wisconsin.

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2 comments on “His dedication to fellow soldiers on the battlefields he provides for them in transition!

  1. Gary Werner says:

    Thank you Peter.
    You are an inspiration to not only Veterans, but all!

  2. Brian Borucki says:

    We love you Pete, thank God you’re our son.
    Dad and Mom

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