From Under A Bridge to Off A Bridge? | Mark Flower

Mark Flower enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduation from High School. He served, then lived life gaily until issues took hold, bringing him to homelessness and addiction. The hardest step – seeking help – started Mark on his journey in recovery. This recovery is maintained by giving back and by being of service to others who struggle with similar experiences. Giving back helps keep Mark on track in his recovery!

4 comments on “From Under A Bridge to Off A Bridge? | Mark Flower

  1. Gretchen schuttey says:

    Thank you for sharing Mark!

  2. Cynthia Crouse says:

    As a peer specialist in the mental health field who has experienced 14 yrs of critical, clinical depression, mania & addiction as well as suicidal ideation, I thank you for this podcast. Mark Flower really ‘puts it out there’ !! I have met him & for those that haven’t… know that he is the real deal.
    This podcast & Mark’s story drives home the importance of having expansion of peer support involvement in our national health care system. I am always surprised when I go into hospital emergency rooms (assisting with emergent detentions) and most professionals aren’t familiar with what a peer specialist is!
    Mark’s story is valuable for veterans and civilians to hear, especially in these times we are living in today; offering hope, exemplifying resilience and recovery.

  3. Gary Werner says:

    I am very happy you are helping Veterans and enjoying each day now. So very few left at our age.

  4. Super cool to hear about Mark’s experience with recovery and how service is such a large part of his journey!

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