Forward, march: life with gratitude and hope | Jerry Witt

Jerry Witt was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from Milwaukee Custer High School in 1964. After earning an Associate Degree at a local community college, Witt was drafted into the U.S. Army and assigned to a scout dog training program. He served as a dog handler in Vietnam beginning in May of 1968.

Following a year of combat with the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, Witt returned home to a politically unsettled America. Soon he began battling feelings of guilt, anger, and confusion. He suffered through failed marriages and grieved over the pain linked to his Vietnam service.

About twenty years after his bittersweet homecoming, Jerry sought counseling from various mental health professionals. Slowly, he discovered a new sense of himself.

In this segment of the Stigma Free Vet Zone podcast, tune in to hear how today Jerry Witt celebrates his life with gratitude and hope. 

1 comment on “Forward, march: life with gratitude and hope | Jerry Witt

  1. Gary Werner says:

    We are glad Jerry has found a way to move forward. I always say if your a veteran thank you for your service! If your not a veteran, thank one for your Freedom!!

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