Expectations, Reality, Depression. Problem or Opportunity

Dr. Michael Dailey is the co-founder of the Infectious Disease Society of Georgia and Co-President of the Infectious Disease Society of America, a foundation on a mission to reduce the burdens of infectious diseases worldwide.He is Board Certified in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and has professional affiliations with multiple organizations, including the American Society of Microbiology. Born and raised in a family of Navy veterans in Oak Harbor, Washington, Dr. Dailey attended Holy Cross College in 1969, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He earned his Master’s degree in Microbiology from Wayne State University in 1971, and later, earned his medical degree. During his residency, he worked as a resident doctor at the VA hospital, helping veterans suffering from advanced cardio-pulmonary disease. During his free time, Dr. Dailey enjoys golfing, traveling to Ireland, and spending quality time with his wife, Maureen and their four children.

Dr. Michael joins me today to share his experiences as a doctor treating patients during times when professional experiences go beyond medical expectations. He shares his experiences and emotional turmoil of working in the VA ward as a resident doctor while treating military veterans with advanced cardio-pulmonary disease when CPR was still a new concept. He discusses his battle with depression and taking anti-depression medications, such as lithium. He also shares his thoughts on how the medical field can prepare new doctors to expect the unexpected while working with veteran patients and why creating a support team around you is critical to overcoming depression.

“No man is an island. You have to have a team around you to do everything It’s not a solo deal.” – Dr. Michael Dailey

This week on the Stigma Free Vet Zone Podcast:

  • What inspired Dr. Michael to become a medical doctor
  • Michael’s residency experience while working in a VA ward
  • Michael’s experiences of battling depression and taking anti-depressants such as lithium
  • Preparing new doctors to expect the unexpected
  • Bouncing back from depression
  • Michael’s experience of treating patients through the AIDS pandemic
  • Meeting Mother Theresa and how her ‘do it anyway’ narrative impacted his life and the lives of thousands of patients
  • The importance of viewing depression as a medical failure instead of a personal failure

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