Bodies, Bones and Biologics – Mark Foreman | Pt. II

In this episode, Mark Foreman’s greatest insight is recognizing his only success in life would come from taking responsibility for his actions and goals. No mental health professional, family member nor university — no one — but he would ever again build his vision of what his life is and his place in that life. This is profoundly courageous and significant thinking. When understood this is the most fulfilling path in life.

The pain of his wound — so severe — he wished only for another bullet to end his life.   

Years of painful surgeries awaited Foreman following his evacuation from a battlefield in Vietnam. There would be months in a body cast, morphine addictions and a lifetime disability. Physical pain would be bookended by devastating emotional and spiritual discomfort often fueled by alcohol and drug use.

Sometimes his constant pain was so severe he contemplated suicide. However, things changed when Foreman reconnected with the love he felt for his mother and family. Over decades he built a new life that brought value to himself and those around him. Years sculpting stone led to a career as an elementary art teacher and he co-founded the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Today, his life lived in love is a more powerful painkiller than morphine. He continues his quest to make life better where he can and is a member of Veterans for Peace

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