Beacon of Courage Guides Veteran’s Recovery | Charlie Walton

Born and raised in Mississippi, Charlie Walton enlisted in the United States Marine Corp in 1968 and trained as an infantryman. He witnessed his first war casualty before his feet even touched the ground in Vietnam when the man in front of him on the jet’s stairway was shot and killed by a sniper. Despite that terrifying incident, Walton carried forth and survived his tour of duty without suffering any physical wounds. Emotional trauma came later.

Discharged in 1972, Charlie eventually made his way to Milwaukee where he established several successful businesses. However, his personal life was beset with adversity. Decades after his military service Walton hit rock bottom.

In this segment of the Stigma Free Vet podcast, Charlie Walton reflects on his 72 years. He describes how he has applied lessons learned from skilled professionals designed to guide him through grueling personal challenges. We meet a man whose life today is infused with hope and faith and centered on inner strength.

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