About The Orban Foundation For Veterans

When in 2018 the Medical College of Wisconsin honored Michael Orban with an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities a surge of new ideas and energy to improve Military Veteran lives took over. The Foundation would be the base from where these new ideas and energy would expand.

To date Michael Orban, an author, had worked almost exclusively as a member of several Task Forces focused on Veteran suicide, depression, opioid addiction and death. Speaking engagements, workshops and seminars for non-veteran organizations became routine and never seem to include the audiences Orban felt most determined to interact with, the military veteran and their families.

Orban a combat veteran who, for 30 years, had experienced many punishing and unexpected reactions to war, suffering severe depression and consideration of suicide had entered treatment through the 3 month inpatient PTSD Treatment Program at the VA in Tomah Wisconsin.

While understanding the importance of the Task Force Orban also realized by experience that most struggling Veterans and families avoided seminars, workshops. Affected by various stigmas or other reasons most veterans are not willing to risk public attention by attending public events. Isolation and avoidance are common practices of many veterans which Orban knew from personal experience.